Remixer DAW
Digital Audio Workstation
A music creation tool done in HTML5 and JavaScript only.
No additional plugins.
JavaScript, HTML5, Web Audio API, CANVAS 2D, <AUDIO>, Web MIDI API, external APIs (,,, backend processing (rendering MP3s and videos by automating FFMPEG & sox)
A WebSocket server for managing conference calls with multiple peer-to-peer WebRTC connections. Created in times of coronavirus pandemic to solve issues of online lessons where teachers were strugglying with discipline and microphones of pupils. In my Classroom solution the teacher can block audio and/or video from all pupils in class and allow a certain pupil to speak when he raises a hand (by clicking on a button).
The WebSocket server as well as the frontend are written from scratch. This way the WebSocket server runs with the least memory footprint possible (32MB when started) and can maintain unlimited number of conference calls (rooms) with unlimited amount of participants. A basis which one can use to build upon and provide an API on top.
Public demo will be provided soon ...
WebRTC, WebSocket, node.js, JavaScript
A multi-purpose lightweight game creation library tool done in HTML5 and JavaScirpt only.

No hidden catch, no libs attached ... from scratch.

Click here to see a detailed list of ready and in-development games on my hobby list.
JavaScript, CANVAS 2D, Web Audio API
An asynchronous WebSocket server written completely in PHP. As typical for me - no dependencies. From scratch. The experiment was to try to break the stereotypes that a WebSocket asynchronous server can't be written completely in PHP. Not only that it can, but it also works perfectly. And from a successful experiment now it has become a tool that I use in all hobby (and not so hobby) creations of mine.
The server runs on PHP 5 and above without any issues. It can handle up to 1024 sockets by a single process asynchronously. A perfect solution for any PHP site that wants to provide livechat or any type of real time live messaging and connectivity functionality. Believe me, if you have more than 1000 online users live at the same time on a web site, then you're big and you can certainly spend some more time and money for an enterprise solution. This solution is perfect for small to medium businesses and sites in all cases.
But in case you need more than that a solution with spawning a few child threads each to handle up to 1024 sockets and internal IPC communication with the main process can be implemented. This way a version of Socket.PHP spawning 10 child processes can handle up to 10K active sockets asynchronously without any issues.
The server runs with exceptionally low memory footprint and is already used in a production environment providing custom live chat functionality and real time analytics channel for a tourist site.
The implementation comes with a JavaScript client that provides flawless virtual real time connections at the application layer (transparently handling websocket disconnects and reconnects and falling back to using HTTP and longpolling or event mixture of both).
Public demo will be provided soon as a live chat here ...
PHP, WebSocket, JavaScript
Breakout in HTML5
The game Breakout done in HTML5 from scratch in total of 10 hours.
JavaScript, CANVAS 2D
Pipiruda - HTML/JS Game Engine
A really simple and lightweight game engine I've created back in 2011 using only JavaScript and HTML. Everything is created with DOM elements and RPC calls through AJAX requests. No CANVAS, no WebSockets, nothing which we're used to today for rich web apps. The whole UI framework and architecture has been created competely from scratch.

The most interesting part of it is that the game is played on server. The generic game client is just a terminal and all game logic is completely on server. The game framework has got a SSO login for all the games implemented with it. Which means you sign up a passport account which you use for all the games (and/or game instances).

Check the demos below for more (you need to sign up a user account which is a single sing-on account for all the games):
JavaScript, HTML (DOM tree), PHP