about me

I love creating frameworks from scratch. Going down to the details and fundamentals in every browser, database, application, API or operating system. Making small in size, highly optimized and fast running apps.

Started as a kid with C/C++ and ASM (for x86 CPUs), passed through many companies, working environments, projects, products, programming languages, databases, operating systems, and finally having fun with JavaScript.

Have got plenty of interests ranging from computer languages (and even human languages) and programming through music, geography and history to weird topics like genetics. Yes, even genetics. There are so many bits and logic in there. An assembly language of life made by a magnificent programmer which we still cannot comprehend, decode and debug. That programmer is Mother Nature. The Universe. God. Call it as you wish.

In my free time I combine a few of my interests in my hobby projects - programming, games and music creation.

Yes, my head is always up there - in the clouds.